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vacation rentals property management

General Questions about the vacation rentals property management

1. Why do I need property Management Company?

Property Management Company that manages vacation rentals can bring an invaluable help to you. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time, it is better to hire a reliable property management company. If your rental property is located far from where you live, hiring a property management company can be very useful in dealing with the many issues that you will not be able to handle from afar. Vacation rental property manager will take over all the trouble, which otherwise will fall on your shoulders.

2. What does a good property management company do?

Vacation rentals property management company manages every aspect of keeping your house booked and ready for the guest to enjoy. Income property management company deals directly with the prospective leads converting into bookings. Main goal of 7 Heaven Vacation property management is to keep the highest occupancy all year long. Having a detailed marketing strategy may consist from creating attractive villa descriptions or taking beautiful photos to listing the house in over 30 websites advertising vacation rentals. Good property management company will handle all maintenance requests, cleaning, and emergency situations. 7 Heaven Vacation property managers do everything possible to keep their homeowners happy well maintained property, low expenses, and high rental income that property generates monthly.

3. How to find a good Property Management Company?

Nowadays Internet and social networking introduce a variety of property management companies that can manage second homes and investment properties. It is a big dilemma how to find the right one. Initial interview with the property manager helps homeowner to get all the questions answered before handing over the property. Throughout the selection process, it is important to estimate how professional the managers and other employees are. Do not hesitate to ask challenging questions. Online reviews and recommendation from friends, families, or other homeowners are helpful for decision makers. In addition, verifying the response time is important.

4. How much is the property management company fee?

7 Heaven vacation rentals near Disney World provides investors with full service property management.  Management fee is only $100. Monthly homeowners receive a detailed statement with the breakdown of revenue and expenses. Statements normally sent out on 15th of each month, and income check distributed by 20th of the same month.

5. Where to begin? How easy is it to get started?

Getting started is very easy and risk free. Ask 7 Heaven Vacation property manager to create a new homeowner agreement. The contract has no minimum term; therefore, it is risk free. If homeowner is not happy with the service at any point, the agreement can be terminated by providing 14 days written notice. Normal activation can take couple of days, and there is NO Activation cost. Kissimmee property management company will create an inventory list, photo catalogs, set up prices, upload photos and description, inspect the property, and make a suggestion how to generate the highest income.

6. How easy is to book with us?

Being a short term rental property management company, 7 Heaven Vacation agents generate vacation rental leads from all over the world. Guest may book villas instantly at the website, by phone, email, by third party, or by visiting the office. Reservation agent will collect all necessary guest’s information and assist with any questions. Today online booking is the easiest and most convenient way to secure the house.

7. How about the cleaning fees?

Guests always responsible to pay cleaning fees. Regular cleaning includes laundry, dusting, vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. When the guests check in, property manager’s main goal is to make sure that house is ready and well stocked with necessary items for the next guest.  Initial set of amenities includes a travel size detergent and softener, couple rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, small size shampoo and conditioner, dishwasher soap. All of the vacation homes are scheduled at least once a year for the deep cleaning to prevent unwanted pests, avoid complains, and keep overall condition of the house in a great shape.

8. Do I require to have a pet friendly house?

No, it is not mandatory to have a pet friendly vacation home. Without any doubt pet friendly rentals get more demands. However, property owner will make a final call on it. If investor decided to have a pet friendly rental, property manager will collect a $300 nonrefundable pet fee from the guest. This fee will cover an additional cleaning or damage caused by pet. 

9. How about general house maintenance?

7 Heaven Vacation – vacation rentals property management, provides a full maintenance service that income property may need. Property manager inspects the house and creates an inventory list upon signing the contract. After each check out inspection, 7 heaven vacation office receives a report from the cleaning company and maintenance team. If any damage caused by the guest is reported, property manager will withhold a security deposit and notify the homeowner about the damage. Guest is notified about the liability to reimburse permanently stained towels and bed linen when damage is not a part of normal wear and tear. Upon the check-out, maintenance team will collect all trash from the house and perform any minor repairs such as change of light bulbs, touch up paint, and blinds fix. 

10. How do you deal with the emergency situations?

Short term rental property management industry requires managers to be available and reachable for the guests 24/7. By working with professional, affordable, and honest property manager, the homeowner will never be involved in the routine process. Guests never call or email to the owner. 7 Heaven Vacation rentals does not charge any additional fees for the emergency work orders. The maintenance team will be dispatched to locate the problem. In case if general contractor is required, property manager will collect several quotes and pay the contractor. Later, the homeowner will be billed monthly statement.

11. How do you handle security deposit and damage?

7 Heaven Vacation Rentals offer 2 options for the security deposit. At the day of the arrival we will hold $300 security deposit which cover any accidental damages at the property. Anything above $300 should be under the property insurance policy. The other option is to purchase Property protection Fee. It is one time non refundable fee of $55.37 and it will waive the security deposit.

12. How can I keep the track of the reservations, maintenance or statements?

7 heaven vacation rental management has a fully integrated property management software which will provide homeowner with an access to the statements, accounting reports, and booking calendar. Through the owner portal, investors may review all maintenance work orders and track their completion. Property owner is able to check income and expenses for each month, check availability, create reservations, and leave a comment.

13. Licensing and Taxes 

No worries, vacation rental property manager will handle it all. There are two types of taxes required to file in the State of Florida, which are Local Tourist Tax and Sales Tax.  Property managers deal with both, and they maintain the property licensing required by county, state, and federal government.

14. What about the owners’ booking?

With the unique owner app that 7 Heaven provides its homeowners, it’s so easy and convenient to check availability, review past and current monthly statements, leave comments, and get the status of maintenance tasks. Within one click homeowners can reserve the house for their family stay with no reservation fees or hidden charges. 7 Heaven Vacation rentals will just add a cleaning fee in the monthly statement. Property management software enables investors to stay connected with the property management company and have everything in one place.

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