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Valentina N.


Serving wonderful people from around the globe in creating wonderful memories about their vacation in Orlando has been a fascinating journey for me since 2011. Happy guests and homeowners make my day bright. Even when things don’t go right and we face imperfections I am proud of how my team attempts to resolve the cases. Dealing honestly, fair, and empathetic is what distinguish 7 Heaven Vacation from others.

Language: English, Russian

Viviana Rodriguez


Viviana joined our property management firm in 2018. In reality, she was a part of the team since 2014, when she started as a Vacation Advisor. Today, Viviana is leading both long term and short term rentals. Homeowners, guests, and tenants love her and always compliment her work. Everyone knows her as a person who always sincere in helping others. No surprise, she has a strong background in Customer Service and loves to what she does. Every day brings something new, new experiences and knowledge, and this is what attracts her most in property management. “Learning is a power”, says Viviana. Following the desire to perfect things around, she is always busy with improvements. Professional classes, training, and networking is an important part of her professional life.

Viviana is a great mother, and she loves to spend her time with children and husband. She is a fan of sports and enjoys going to the beach and the parks. Viviana is fluent in the Spanish language.