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Vacation Rental Orlando – 5 Tips To Make Your Next Flight Easier

January 29, 2019
Orlando Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Orlando – 5 Tips To Make Your Next Flight Easier – as someone who does a lot of flying, it’s easy to forget that not everyone travels as much. One of the top vacation destinations – Orlando, FL. But no matter where you are flying, it is important to be prepared for your vacation.

Here are some steps that will make your next flight easier.

Check The Rules And Regulations Before You Pack

There’s nothing worse than going to print your boarding pass and discovering your bags are the wrong size or weight, something you packed is prohibited, or that you’re about to get hit with an unexpected fee.

Changing rules are the name of the game (after all, if everyone knew exactly what the TSA was looking for, it would be easier to take advantage of the things they aren’t), but the most up to date information is always available online, and knowing ahead of time can save you a lot of pain the night before and the day of, and looking into it ahead of time will give you enough wiggle room to find a way to transport any potentially restricted items. If you’re worried about size and weight limits, weigh yourself on a household scale, then again with the bag in your arms to get a close-enough estimate of the weight. If you need to book the flight, there are many providers available. For examples, ExpediaKayakTravelocity, etc.

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Because of the restrictions on liquids, the TSA won’t let you through security in any airport with any liquid over 3oz, but what a lot of people don’t realize (or are afraid to try) is that they don’t have a problem with you bringing an empty water bottle and filling it at your gate, or even packing lunch for the plane. Since most airlines don’t offer much, if any food service in flight anymore (and almost all of what they do have is fee based), they actually encourage you to bring your own food. So pack your favorite snacks or a whole meal – it’ll keep you from getting worn down or dehydrated while you’re in the air, and it’ll save you from sky high airport restaurant prices.

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